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Arabia, Arabia!

A semi-existential quasi-historical comedy

about the 1761 Danish expedition to Arabia Felix

It's 1761. Five researchers have been selected by the Danish government to travel to the Arabian peninsula, to "Happy Arabia." But the journey isn't as happy as its destination. The doctor is incompetent, the botanist is elitist, and the linguist has enough arsenic to kill them all. And that's hardly the worst of it. When the Narrator appears and tries to save the expedition from certain failure, the researchers begin to realize that their story may not belong to them anymore.

Breakdown: 3M/NB 3W/NB

Run time: 100 minutes

production history

Full Production - The Plagiarists, 2023
Staged Reading - The Beverly Arts Center New Playwrights Festival, 2021
Developmental Workshop - The Plagiarists, 2019


Finalist - Normal Ave Playwriting Series, 2019

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