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Frances Makes History

A high school dramedy

based (very) loosely on the James Garfield assassination

Frances Howe, high school senior, isn't doing anything with her life. Her grades are getting dangerously low, her friends are preparing to move on to college life, and everyone keeps asking about her nonexistent plans post-graduation. So when her mom mysteriously breaks up with her history teacher, Frances hatches a plan to get back at him and boost her grades at the same time. But things don't go exactly as she expects, and before she knows it she's sitting in the guidance counselor's office, dressed as a presidential assassin. Somehow she'll have to live up to everyone else's expectations, get her life back on track, and stay happy.

Breakdown: 1M, 4W, 2W/NB

Run time: 100 minutes

production history

Staged Reading - Avalanche Theatre, 2019

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