generation red

A play about how to grow up
on Mars

About the Play

Erica, Alan, Denver, and Trish are the first people to be born on Mars. They are waiting to find out the results of "The Test," which determines the type of work they'll be doing as adults on the compound. To pass the time while they wait, they play a game creating scenes that imagine what life on Earth would be like, based on the best representation of Earth they know: movies. Then they learn their parents are suddenly and unexpectedly returning from a years-long mission, and questions start to be raised about the truths and fictions within their own lives on Mars. Before long, it becomes apparent that the outside world isn't as simple as they've imagined.

Breakdown: 2M/NB, 2W/NB

Run time: 90 minutes

Production History

Staged Reading - Otherworld Theatre, 2019

Staged Reading - Benchmark Theatre, 2019

Full Production - Otherworld Theatre, 2020

Publication (excerpt) - Avalanche Biannual Issue One: Fall 2019


Okay. Okay. Fine.

I imagine — that being at a school dance must be so different from what you see in movies. I imagine that it’s really confusing, and there would be a lot going on, but it would be fun, maybe? It would be a good time, I think, with all the music and lights and all your friends there dancing. I imagine I’d want to get it right, I’d want to do everything right, but I have no idea what that would mean.

I imagine driving at night through a familiar neighborhood. I imagine it must be comforting to see everyone’s individual houses and to see all the lights on. It must be like each one has its own personality, just like the people inside.

I imagine being outside late at night must be special, I imagine it to be quiet and peaceful and freeing. Do you ever think of what the night sky must look like from Earth? I can picture the moon up there, bright and clean and close. I’m so used to seeing it there in movies, this big benign dot in the night sky. It’s comforting, in a way. I don’t know.

— I’ve never told anyone that before.


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