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A story told around a campfire

about a man with a hole in his side

It's 1822. A fur trader named Alexis St Martin gets shot (on accident) and ends up with an open wound in his chest, opening directly to his stomach. His doctor, William Beaumont, uses him and his wound to conduct studies on digestion for the next 11 years. And yes, this really happened. It was wild. Plus, there’s a framing device of a bunch of other fur traders telling each other this story and acting it out while they travel. It’s a ride.

Breakdown: 5M
Run time: 100 minutes

production history

Staged Reading - International Museum of Surgical Science, 2022
Exhibit - International Museum of Surgical Science, 2022
Artist Residency* - Mackinac State Historic Parks, 2022

*See below for Alexander's interview with WoodTV8 about the experience of the Mackinac Island Artist-in-Residence program!

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