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The sequel to Generation Red:

a comic drama about heritage and moving on

It’s the day before the Test for young Martian colony residents Aris, Liam, and Jo. They decide to take their mind off the big day by hanging out in an old, abandoned part of the compound — a space filled with history and ghost stories. When the compound’s AI system, MARVIN, starts giving the presentation again, Aris, Liam, and Jo find they can’t turn it off. So they decide to have some fun and play along with it, half making fun of the history, half reliving their childhoods seeing the presentation. But strange things start occurring, and the three are forced to confront their own conceptions and emotions about the past. Can they deal with the history of their planet and move forward into a new future?

Breakdown: 1M, 2W, 1NB

Run time: 90 minutes

production history

Developmental Reading - Drafted; A New Play Workshop, 2021

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