What do I write?

I find myself drawn to writing plays that deal with the ideas of how stories get told, why they get told, and who has the power and purpose to tell them. I especially enjoy taking stories based in history, and re-contextualizing them through an unconventional, character-driven, and often comedic lens.

For example, my play Arabia, Arabia! (or; How to be Forgotten) tells the story of the failed 1761 Danish expedition to Arabia Felix. The play uses a Narrator to intermittently change the personality traits of each character, in order to highlight their shortcomings, and explore why the expedition didn't turn out as planned.

In Frances Makes HistoryI use the story of the James Garfield assassination and an obsession with the killer Charles Guiteau as a way for the main character, Frances, to excuse her own mistakes and inability to find a path in life. And in Generation Red, the characters are kids born on Mars who play a game where they make up stories, inspired by Earth movies, to distract themselves from the realities of their own lives.

Stories are very powerful tools which shape how people approach the world and each other. I hope that my work inspires audiences to think critically about the way our stories are being told, who's telling them, and why. And, of course, I hope to always create an enjoyable theatre experience.

The Basics

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Cell - (716) 392-3418



Member - The Dramatists Guild

Playwright Resident - Three Brothers Theatre

Ensemble Member - Bower Theatre Ensemble

I've Worked With:

Three Brothers Theatre, Waukegan IL

The Plagiarists, Chicago IL

Otherworld Theatre, Chicago IL

Bower Theatre Ensemble, Chicago IL

Benchmark Theatre, Denver CO

5th Wall Productions, Charleston SC

Three Cat Productions, Chicago IL



Alexander Utz is a playwright and actor based in Chicago. He is a Playwright Resident with Three Brothers Theatre, and the Artistic Director and co-founder of Avalanche Theatre Company.

Most recently, he has been a member of both the 2018 and 2019 Bower Theatre Ensembles, where his adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein received its world premiere. His plays have been read, developed, and performed at Otherworld Theatre, Three Brothers Theatre, The Plagiarists, Three Cat Productions, 5th Wall Productions, and Eclectic Full Contact Theatre.

His plays have also been finalists in the B Street Theatre New Comedies Festival and the Normal Ave Playwriting Series.

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