About the Play

Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin share a tumultuous nine weeks living together in the south of France, culminating in van Gogh cutting off his own ear. Meanwhile, the spirits of Jack the Ripper's victims are looking for a way to express their anger and confusion at their fate. When these women's spirits begin to intertwine with the artists' lives, violence and art collide.

Breakdown: 2M, 4W

Run time: 90 minutes

Production History

Staged Reading - 5th Wall Productions, 2018

Staged Reading - Three Cat Productions, 2017

     Vincent picks up one of Gauguin’s epees.



Vincent, what are you doing?



You want to see who’s delicate?








     GAUGUIN (picking up the other epee)

Vincent, I don’t want to hurt you.



Let’s not do this again, it’s not funny. Someone’s going to get -



Kill him!


     Vincent and Gauguin fight.


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Staged Reading - Three Cat Productions, 2017

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