the creators

An absurdist comedy
about the battle between creativity and complacency

About the Play

Deirdre, Piper, and Will work for a mysterious artistic prodigy named Gene, creating all the works of art he claims as his own. Also, they're not really ever allowed to leave the office. But that's not a huge deal, because at least they get free coffee and fruit bars!  When coffee and fruit bars are in stock at the store, that is.


So when new employee Jess is brought on, and starts trying to change the way things are done, it looks like their lives are about to finally improve. But it soon becomes clear that enacting change isn't always an easy thing to do.


Run time: 75-80 minutes

Production History

Full Production - Three Brothers Theatre, 2021


Comedy is so easy.



It really truly is.



Isn’t that right, banana peel? Isn’t comedy easy? Wouldn’t you say so? Wouldn’t you say comedy is easy? If someone had a gun to your head, banana peel? Or should I say stem? If someone had a gun to your stem, would you say comedy is easy? I bet you would, banana peel. Oh, how I bet you would.

Now do a flip.


     The banana peel does nothing. They watch.

three brothers theatre:

world premiere

Postponed until 2021.
More details soon!

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